2019 tech trends to transform your business

February 19, 2019

With technology evolving at the speed of light and “predictions” becoming out-of-date by the time you’ve even hit the publish button, the race for marketers to stay on top of current trends is tougher than ever.

For this reason, it’s important to be aware of the advancements in the technology industry and of trends that could benefit your business in the future. So, could these four technology trends turn out to be the most popular in 2019?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What was once considered an off-the-wall, science-fiction plot line (here’s looking at you iRobot & The Matrix), AI has now become a technology that’s taking over the world! OK, maybe it’s not quite that dramatic. More like taking over the world’s mundane jobs shall we say.

From analysing behaviour and search patterns for enhancing customer experience, to processing huge volumes of data in order to provide tailored, informed, high-quality services, AI is rapidly transforming industries for the better.

According to leading analyst firm Gartner, AI will be used by more than 40% off organisations to automate their business in 2019. It was also stated that Chatbots are on the rise, with 25% off customer services using chatbot technology by 2020.

Overall, adopting AI in 2019 will not only keep you ahead of the game but also can help to save costs and accelerate growth within your business.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

According to a Google report, 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if it takes longer than three seconds for them to load. In short - Progressive Web Apps solve this problem.

So, what makes 2019 so important when it comes to progressive apps?

PWA combines the best of the web and native applications and users get the full app experience without even installing an app. Its user experiences have the reach of the web, and known to be reliable, fast and engaging. They also offer user functionalities such as working offline and push notifications.

With major tech companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft switching their focus to PWAs and seeing success, industries are beginning to follow suit.

Headless websites/Drupal

Proctor + Stevenson’s, Junior Digital Project Manager Aaron Coleby says;

“We are increasingly needing to deliver omnichannel content spanning web mobile and IoT (Internet of Things). Changing from a traditional CMS (Content Management System) to a headless one, allows maximum flexibility when presenting content.  Headless solves the design and layout limitations imposed by the CMS and allows maximum flexibility for outputting to multiple display types.

Drupal is great because they understand the need and desire to make everything available via APIs. This means you can have headless much easier – because everything is designed around APIs so it’s easy not to use the CMS for displaying the content and go headless instead.”


Serverless computing is essentially a cloud service model which promises to eliminate the need for infrastructure provisioning and management.

With an annual growth rate of 75%, according to RightScale's 2018 State of the Cloud report, serverless has seen an even greater adoption rate due to it being more flexible and cost-effective for companies.

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