Project Administrator

Apply by
As soon as possible
Bristol, hybrid working available
Permanent and full-time
Salary up to £25K per annum, dependent on experience

Are you a talented administrator and an exceptional organiser with a passion for the digital world? Are you self-motivated, unafraid to ask questions and keen to begin your journey in digital project management? If yes, you may be interested in what we have to offer.

What you'll be doing

In a nutshell, you’ll provide vital administrative and organisational support to our Tech Team by filtering and managing ad-hoc client requests. If you aspire to a career in Digital Project Management, this is an ideal stepping-stone.  

Reporting to the Managing Director, Programme Director and Technical Director of P+S Technology Limited, below are just some of the tasks that your typical day will be filled with:

• Supporting the senior management team and digital project managers in defining project requirements, schedule and budget.

• Organising and minuting planning meetings, then assisting in the creation of detailed and accurate contact reports, estimates, timing plans and tasks planners.

• Creating and maintaining effective resource plans, ensuring relevant team members have visibility of planned absences and resources available.

• Assisting in scheduling work for internal (P+S Technology and P+S Creative Digital Design (when involved)) and external resource, negotiating when necessary to prevent scheduling conflicts and ensure the successful delivery of projects.

• Liaise with outsource companies, including reviewing and confirming contracts to ensure necessary resource is in place.

• Supporting management team to liaise with members of other Companies in the Proctor and Stevenson Group, in order to ensure the smooth running of the projects.

• General support to senior management in administration of support contracts, rate card, annual renewal, MSA, forecasting resource.

• Planning, scheduling and minuting quarterly Company meetings.

• Booking internal meetings by aligning calendars and mapping resource to calendars.

• Support to the senior management team and digital project managers in their reporting from our accounts system (Synergist) to include creating, managing and delivering regular reports to an agreed deadline, highlighting utilisation, burn rate and profitability issues before they become a problem (a daily, weekly and monthly exercise).

• Creating, managing and delivering hosting reports for AWS and ensuring regular monthly invoicing.

• Monitoring timesheet entries on Synergist and highlighting issues to management, when appropriate.

• Ensuring essential information is captured for any queries that are passed on to the relevant teams.

• Liaising between the client and technical team in a timely manner.

• Working with the project management team to manage and maintain the digital project schedule.


• A minimum of one year’s experience in a similar role.

• A good head for figures – you will need to be comfortable analysing a project’s financial data using our systems.

• Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

• Excellent written, verbal and negotiation skills. You’re familiar with communicating (often sensitive) information carefully.

• Ability to compose professionally constructed documents and presentations for internal and external viewing.

• Good personal timekeeping and the ability to manage your time and prioritise your tasks effectively and efficiently to meet (often tight) deadlines.

• Passion for learning new software tools and systems.

• An effective communicator who can recognise and relay or escalate relevant project information, issues and opportunities to colleagues and managers in a timely fashion.

• A hands-on and positive approach to problem solving; identifying issues and using your initiative and available resources to arrive at the right solutions.

• An eagle eye for detail, accuracy and quality.

• Respect for client and company confidentiality.

• An understanding of how business works – from generating income and maximising profits to controlling costs.

Bonus points for

• Working knowledge of content management systems such as WordPress or Drupal (on a content management level – not technical).

• Experience in both PC and Mac OS-X operating systems.

• Basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

• Experience in writing reports or other proposal documentation.

Must be

• Familiar with working with internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

• Highly professional.

• Punctual and reliable.

• Keen to progress and develop.

• Positive and enthusiastic.

• A real team player, contributing to best practice and sharing knowledge, resources and ideas.

What's next

So, if you like the sound of us, and you have what it takes to deliver the world-class service our clients demand, please send your CV and a brief covering letter to  Don’t forget to list your name, followed by the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Interview process

• First interviews will be with our Project Management Team Lead, Digital Project Manager and HR Manager.

• Second interview will be with our Programme Director and Managing Director.

Interested in working for us?

If you believe you have what it takes to deliver the world-class service our clients demand of us, send us your CV and brief covering note. Don't forget to include your name and the position you're applying for in the subject line.

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